28. 6. 2023

UFO BUFO 2024?

Dear frog fans, we would like to share great news with you! In addition to preparing for the next year of the UFO BUFO 2024 festival, we have one big surprise for you.

As we previously reported, this year due to unclear circumstances with the location, we were unable to organize our festival. But now we have good news:

We are proud to officially announce that next year the UFO BUFO festival will take place again at everyone’s favorite Hadinka!

The Hadinka recreation center has a new owner, who is part of the UFO BUFO team! Thanks to this positive change, we got rid of the obstacles that made it more and more difficult for us to organize the festival in this amazing place.

Next year, you can look forward to a reconstructed area, where we will be able to build on the work already done in the long term, and we will not have to build the entire festival from scratch every year, as was necessary in the past. Now nothing prevents us from building the long-term joint vision of Hadinka and the UFO BUFO festival. We are very much looking forward to this future together!

This weekend we got together with our wider organizational team and loyal frog supporters for a teambuilding session. We are attaching a few photos from this event full of cooperation, planning and fun.

The Hadinka recreation center is open to the public in the current summer season, we warmly recommend you to take a trip or spend a pleasant weekend here. https://www.hadinkars.cz/

Thank you for your patience and favor. Follow our Ufo Bufo festival page on FB, the cheapest tickets for UFO BUFO 2024 will be available later this year and more positive information will be coming your way. 🐸