7. 4. 2024

Shops application

If you are interested in being a seller at the festival in your booth or on the blanket, fill our application form. You can apply until the end of April.

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28. 3. 2024

Volunteers wanted

The festival is looking for volunteers to help with the preparation, during the festival and right after it ends.

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5. 3. 2024

Main stage powered by Lambda Labs!!!

One of the major changes at UFO BUFO 2024 will be the sound system of the main stage!

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26. 1. 2024


We’re back with our club event Aquarius, this time with three main guests from Albania, Costa Rica and Poland! Join us to the club Fabric Ostrava decorated beyond recognition on February 16, 2024.

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22. 11. 2023

UFO BUFO Christmas tickets

Special gift tickets in a limited number of 50 pieces are on sale!

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16. 10. 2023

UFO BUFO 2024 tickets

Tickets for the UFO BUFO 2024 festival are available now!

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26. 9. 2023

Halloweed 12

Info on the traditional HALLOWEED masquerade party on October 27, 2023 at Fabric Club, Ostrava, CZ.

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25. 7. 2023


The festival will take place next year on the traditional date at the traditional place. 🙂

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28. 6. 2023

UFO BUFO 2024?

The future for UFO BUFO festival is bright. Read more to find why. 🙂

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22. 1. 2023


We’re back with our club event Aquarius, this time with legendary DRIP DROP! Join us on February 17, 2023 at Fabric, Ostrava.

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18. 10. 2022

Halloweed 11

Complete info on the traditional HALLOWEED masquerade party on October 28, 2021 at Fabric Club, Ostrava, CZ.

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22. 6. 2022

UFO BUFO 2022 timetables

Timetables of all stages

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10. 5. 2022

Full Tickets Info

You can find the full ticket prices overview of both presale (until 16.6.) and festival gate tickets in this article.

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9. 5. 2022


You can take your kids up to 14 years of age to the festival for free! We have also additional two bonuses for families with kids.

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15. 4. 2022

Looking for volunteers

Our festival would not be possible without volunteers. Right now, those interested can fill out the application form

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4. 4. 2022

UFO BUFO 2019 Aftermovie

UFO BUFO 2019 Aftermovie is finally out!

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1. 4. 2022

UFO BUFO 2022 tickets – 4th wave

The fourth wave of 100 tickets for UFO BUFO 2022 was launched.

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11. 10. 2021

Halloweed 10

Complete info on the traditional HALLOWEED mask party on October 30, 2021 in Marley Club, Ostrava.

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22. 7. 2021

Alvarius cancelled

Due to incopetent owner of the festival area we are forced to cancel Alvarius festival.

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1. 7. 2021

Alvarius Chillout stage Line-up

We are publishing Chillout stage line-up. Tribal stage line-up and a more detailed program will follow in the coming days.

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29. 6. 2021

Alvarius tickets

Ticket pre-sale is running, there should be a limited number of tickets the gate, depending on how much is sold in advance. Do not hesitate.

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29. 6. 2021

Alvarius Main Stage line-up

We are publishing Main stage line-up. Another stages and a more detailed programme will follow in the coming days.

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25. 5. 2021

30.7. – 1.8.2021: Alvarius

Hi friends,due to the relatively dynamic situation regarding music events, we are happy to announce...

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2. 4. 2021

2021 festival cancelled

Hi folks! The date of this year's festival is slowly approaching, and with seeing what...

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2. 4. 2020

2020 festival cancelled

Dear friends and fans of our frog merry-go-round, We have reached a point, where we...

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27. 9. 2019

Tickets for 2020 available from 1.10.2019

The sale of tickets for UFO BUFO 2020 will start on 1.10.2019 at noon. Tickets...

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23. 5. 2019

2019 news

Some new policies this year: we are increasing the age limit for free entry to...

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22. 5. 2019

Tickets competition

Competition to win 2 UFO BUFO 2019 tickets! Take a photo with a UFO BUFO...

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21. 5. 2019

Festival info

LOCATION 49°44'42.292"N 17°41'32.207"E Camp HADINKA Vítkov - Klokočov, North-East of Czech Republic https://www.facebook.com/hadinka/ HOW TO...

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