Daily dose of fresh frog energy: get ready for our food for your body and mind and beyond! Workshops, talks, discussions, arts & crafts and other encounters of the third kind in a fine setting of our frog boudoir. We will open the day with a yoga lecture or other stretching exercises to close with dusk ritual music-making. Feel free to feel free and check out the festival time table!

The verbal content will be in Czech, however don’t hesitate to come to negotiate on that, or just come to talk to us, if you are interested in the subject. 🙂

Friday 10–11:30Inhale – exhaleFriday morning workshop will be hosted by Petr Minster, a yogi with more than eighteen years of experience. In addition to yoga, he also engages in juggling, dancing and movement-therapy methods.
You can look forward to an original presentation combining a rich experience with a special approach. This time with a focus on breathing practices.
with Petr Minster
Friday 11:30–13:00Preparation of healing marigold balmAt her workshop, Šárka will guide you through the production of a calendula healing balm, which is suitable for all skin problems:
“10 years have passed since my first moon ointment was created under my hands. At that time, I was driven by the desire to learn how to use the potential of medicinal herbs correctly and effectively. The more I knew, the wider the horizons opened up for me. My interest in natural cosmetics grew and I soon embarked on skin creams, serums, make-up removers, peelings… I play with fragrances and composition. It’s psychohygiene and relaxation for me from my work with people with a sore soul. “
with Šárka
Friday 13:00–15:00Herbal expeditionMaya and us will go for a walk around and discuss what can be collected and used for food and healing.with Mája https://www.facebook.com/maja.ve.750
Friday 15:00–17:00Relaxing painting with tea leavesTea relaxation drawing into our imagination.

Come relax and unwind with a simple, slightly experimental art technique called tea painting – or if you want “tea magic”

We will create a picture based on a pigment of tea leaves and then complete it with a pencil or crayons according to your imagination.

Believe it or not, the fine pigment of tea can create very interesting images on paper, and what you see in them is only on your mind.

The main intention is to relax and flow on the wave of our imagination…
with Veronika
Friday 17:00–18:00Drop the baggageHow to work with skeletal muscles so that the joints do not hurt and the spine rejoices with joy. It will contain simple and safe exercises, a light theory to understand why pain in the body can arise… Practically transferable to life.with Eridani
Friday 18:00–19:30Tree climbing – exercises on treesTree Yoga
Sensitive climbing on trees, which combines physical exertion, breath, adrenaline and the beneficial effect of trees on the human mind and body. Workshop participants will be introduced to the theory of gradual penetration into the treetops. We start on the ground, we end in crowns, which brings breathtaking views.
Beginners will learn how advanced will be able to contribute their experience. This course will be more physically demanding – we need to warm up the muscles, and it requires a clear mind. Please keep beer and other substances after exercise.
with Vincek https://www.facebook.com/native.vincenzo
Saturday 10:00–11:00Hatha Yoga warm-upHatha Yoga warm-up spiced up with the intention of connecting to the place through the energy of the first chakra. Morning refreshment using your own resources: body, breath and energy.with Vendulou https://www.facebook.com/vendula.tomkova.3
Saturday 11:30–13:00Natural magic workshopWorking with herbs and natural materials, inspiration for the use of natural forces and spirituality associated with them. Reviving the ancient customs of ancient cultures and adapting them to reflect the thinking and spiritual needs of today’s man.
The program will introduce the basics of using natural magic in practice – smoking and production of their own fumigants, production of protective amulets and purification rituals. All material will be available for the production and decoration of personal magic items.
The workshop ends with a simple joint ritual and thematic protective painting on the face.
with Visimira
Saturday 13:00–14:00Psychedelic evolution?News from the research of psychedelics, the direction of psychedelics in assisted psychotherapy, integration into the mental health care system…with Filipem Tylšem
Saturday 14:30–16:30Ceremony with Rapé + energy cleansingRadek and Petr Czaderna deal with issues of personal and spiritual development, shamanism, holistic healing and related work with repressed emotions and traumas. Among other things, they also use master plants and medicines for their work, and you will have the opportunity to get acquainted with one of them, Rapé medicine. They will also carry out energy clean-ups and consultations for those interested on the spot.with Radkem a Petrem Czaderna
https://www.facebook.com/kapitan.pikard + https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100016558215686
Saturday 17:00–18:30Circle of VoiceWe will meet with the common intention to sing for joy – we will sing with or without words, play instruments, grunt, growl, improvise, express oneself in a voice. You can take the instruments to accompany and underline the singing with you.with Jirka Hokr https://www.facebook.com/EnergieZeme
Saturday 18:30–20:00Juggling and drumming jamA juggling jam / workshop led by Patrik will take place in the Healing Area on Saturday evening.
We’ll unleash a drum jam – be sure to come with your instruments, let it spin!
with Mantis Flow https://www.facebook.com/MantisFlow
Saturday 21:00–22:00Sound bathCome tune in and immerse yourself in sounds, vibrations, calm, yourself. Magical tones of Tibetan bowls, drum rhythms, melodies of voices and other non-traditional instruments await you.
We recommend: a quality pad with a blanket, snacks and plenty of water.
What is a sound bath? You will lie down on a comfortable mat, close your eyes and the sounds will lead you to timelessness, calm and relaxation. When the bath is over, you may think it all took a while, instead of 60 minutes.
If you allow it, the sound bath will “tell a story” (instruments, their sounds and vibrations will alternate, intertwine, pulsate), which will have a beneficial effect on all involved.
Some of the possible benefits of sound baths: • induction of a state of calm, relaxation, balance, • support internal balance, regeneration, health, • harmonize the body at the physical and energy levels, • release internal tension and stress, blocks, trauma, old patterns and problems with insomnia, • support the possibility of change and development in our lives, • support and deepen self-awareness and self-confidence. It is not a classical musical performance, for many it is rather a beneficial and unusual experience.
with Lukáš Severa
Sunday 11:00–12:0Stretching “dance-movement” workshopHave you spent the weekend, or is the real relaxation coming to an end? The stretching “dance-movement” workshop with Zuzana is focused on stretching all the muscles needed to dance and finding hidden reserves that the body can use to relax in the dance movement.
We’ll meet on Sunday at 11:00 in the Healing Area, and where we end up will be up to us.
with Zuzana Smugalova