Via Axis

Sangoma records (BR)

Main stage Live set at: 2019-06-22 04:30:00

Via Axis is the project of Rafael Corrales from São Paulo, Brazil.

Producing music since 2005, he played his first live set in 2007. After his highly acclaimed debut album “ Expressions of One” in 2011 on Ovnimoon records, his unique and utterly psychedelic interpretation of psychedelic trance music brought him a lot of attention from the scene, which led to performances at renowned festivals like Boom(Portugal), Universo Paralello(Brazil), Antaris(Germany), Earthdance(Brazil), Monte Mapu(Chile), Zuvuya(Brazil) and Respect(Brazil) among others.

His atmospheric hypnotic tunes are known for its deepness and they often contain some elements which reminds us of the golden days of Goatrance. His releases can be found on various labels like Sangoma, BMSS, Antu, etc. Many music lovers might be familiar with the single “Galactic Mantra” which he co-produced with Ovnimoon and later remixed and re-released several times on various labels. With his clean and crispy production as well as his humble presence and performance, he steadily expands the number of followers.

We at Sangoma Recs are very pleased to have this unique musician on board.