Zenon Records (AUS)

Main stage Live set at: 2019-06-22 19:30:00

Sensient is Tim Larner from Melbourne, Australia.

His music is deep, intelligent, progressive and absorbs the influence of many other musical styles (minimal, techno, breaks, glitch, jazz fusion) He has released 8 solo albums plus many compilation tracks on respected labels like Iboga, Plusquam, Flow, Plastik Park, Tatsu, ZMA and more. He also has made remixes for some of the big names in the scene including Boris Brechja, Ace Ventura, Perfect Stranger, Shiva Chandra and BigWigs. In 2003 Sensient created Zenon Records which has now developed into one of the world’s best and most respected psytrance labels. Zenon has formed an entire musical movement which has heavily influenced the Psytrance Music/Festival scene worldwide. Sensient has played at some of the biggest international festivals including Boom, Ozora, Voov, Universo Parallelo, Glade, Rainbow Serpent, Sonica, Fusion and more.

Lately he has been concentrating on his downtempo/experimental sound. Just like his pristine deep and futuristic trance beats you can expect this new sound to take you into a spacious and science fiction like realm. Immaculate sound design and intelligent beat programming make this a journey of the mind that combines with rich melody to bring it into the soul. His first downtempo album was released jointly on Zenon and Merkaba music in 2015.

As owner/manager of Zenon Records, Sensient has access to the freshest of the fresh music from our entire roster of artists. The prime selector for all Zenon Records output brings these same fine selection skills to his dj sets. He is known for his 3 hour + journey dj sets that move from psy/techno all the way through to pumping psy/prog. Performing his Dj sets from ableton with an impressive set up of effects and controllers, the Sensient Dj set is guaranteed to deliver the absolute cutting edge of the Zenon sound.