Altar Records (IL)

I am a producer of electronic music, my main style is Chillgressive music wich combines chillout music and psy progressive trance.

I have been producing music for several years, I have released two albums as a member of Profondita with Hudur Shrim – the first was “Ciel” which was released in 2016 through Altar recordes and a second album by Profondita which was releas on May 2017 and called “Dracays”.

I also produce more gental chillgressive with another partner Hesus, we released a track on OMANTRA REC from Budapesht . In November of 2017 I released solo album under the name Mobitex, continuing in the same style as Profondita wich is chillgressive with psy trance elments. I welcome you all to stay tuned for my upcoming releases on Altar rec and others.