Breslau Techno (PL)

Chill-out stage Live set at: 2019-06-21 16:30:00

Chill-out stage Dj set at: 2019-06-21 16:30:00

Mistic is a DJ, promoter and producer who from the very beginning of his activity is strongly associated with the Wrocław club scene.

Inspired by events such as the Creamfields Festival, he started to collect vinyl records, and soon afterwards he took his first steps playing at the Wrocław Wagon Club and MelinCafe.

Since then, it could also be heard in clubs such as Das Lokal, BauBar, Kawiarnia Naukowa, INQbator and others. His activity as a DJ and promoter is very versatile and is not limited to one style – he plays techno, minimal, progressive and tech-house music, and in his time also psytrance. He always puts a lot of precision and heart into his sets, and each time he builds in them diverse and unpredictable stories. It is also characterized by careful selection and high musical sensitivity. Mistic cooperated with many collectives and booking agencies, including [Point], Deep In Progress, Solid Techno Kick, Deepersense and Be Kolective. Currently, he works with Wrocław’s Breslau Techno and the artistic agency Koloid.net. Behind him has a very large number of performances, including in front of artists such as Xhin (Audio City 2013), Sam Paganini, Khalden Bess and Forest People. He also creates his songs, and here is worth mentioning “Dragon Hunt” released on the compilation VA – Breslau Underground [P] rec. from 2011 and the Secret Room EP for Stereophonic Recordings in 2015.