Mind Evolution

Mosaico recs (BR)

Main stage Live set at: 2019-06-23 09:30:00

Mind Evolution is a psytrance project by Alessandro Moreira from Caxias do Sul-RS-Brasil.

Engaged in music since childhood, being a bass player of several bands, he met psytrance in 2006 through friends and in 2007 aroused a deep interest in the field of electronic music production and plunged headlong into the world of psytrance production. Mind Evolution project. With several releases and presentations at festivals in Brazil, Central America, Latin America and Europe.

It began the year 2014 with a vibrant presentation at the Universo Paralello festival and its 1st tour in Europe. Ale is a well experienced musician and performer, his songs are full of energy and tribal rhythms. You can feel a mature sensation in your productions through your Psychedelic Harmonies and Melodies and a seriousness that will shake your head and make you travel through the cosmic consciousness of the psy realm! Listen to your music and let your Mind Evolve to show you the next step!