Popol Vu Records, Cosmixed Society (USA)

Main stage Dj set at: 2019-06-20 22:30:00

Born in a Tipi in the mountains of California Horizon (aka Laszlo Eisenburg) moved to Europe at the age of 12 and started djing in 1997 at the age of 17 after being infected with the goa virus by the cosmic society party’s in zalatarnok Hungary.

He helped create the psychedelic scene in Austria at such places Like the underground club Sub Zero and many others over the year’s. by 2005 he started to organize his own event Funny moon festival, and to support other underground festivals like Transylvania calling , SUN, Ozora,Masters of puppets,Cosmic Convergence and many others with decoration ,music , and everything that goes with festival organization. His styles are flexible depending on the mood of the dance floor, but is open for everything psychedelic. From Zenonesque,Forest,Dark psytrance,Bass Glitch,to intelligent Hi-Tech.

Just like god is too big to fit into one religion, psychedelic is too big to fit into one genre