Feel Life Music (IL)

Maor Hasbani from Tel Aviv is the man behind the new promising electronic project, Gumi.

In the late 90’s Maor stumbled upon the electronic side of music, 1st in the more classic genres including Rock, Progressive, Jazz & Fusion .

A Few years later Maor began his long a fruitful career in the local psychedelic trance scene, pretty much in all levels…from production to promotion…

What led him to the creation of Gumi :
Just by understanding the title word Gumi, meaning elastic, gives us the expectation to a flexible fluent atmosphere of sounds ,and surely the result is such. A project with a mix of a new eastern oriented music, not in an obvious way, but rather in a creative blend of clubby style, bold analog baselines that convey a warm feeling contrasted by 303 acid lines. Diverse, Tribal with ethnic drops.

Elastic sounds with a gloomy psy touch and old school analog sounds. Beautiful melodies in well told stories. Maor Hasbani is putting up a terrific blend of fused styles into a strong concept with endearing storytelling.