Omveda recs, Funky freaks recs (F)

Main stage Dj set at: 2019-06-22 01:30:00

Gamin – Funky Freaks Records / Omveda Records

Adrien aka Gamin discovers the Techno sound in free party in French Brittany. Combining influences from techno, psytrance, forest, darkpsy, Hi tech and more abstract forms of electronic music, He falls in love of the psytrance music in 2006 and make string art deco! His biggest mentors of psychedelic trance are Kindzadza and Scorb.The adventure of dijing begins in 2009. He has play several events in France, India and across Europe. He joined Omveda Records in 2014,Funky Freaks Records in 2018 and is currently representing them with his set in Europe . He is also the cofounder of Krispies Company which puts together quality events and festival in France.

For the little story Gamin means in french “a child”,initially a nickname who has become a dj’s signature.

The powerful of the childhood’s imagination !