Antu records (RCH)

Main stage Live set at: 2019-06-21 12:30:00

Coming from Chile in South America, Aho is the side project of artist Ital.

The project began the year 2010 with the purpose to continue to raise the prayers of light through the universe, this time evolving in to a new direction in the psychedelic scene: progressive psychedelic music. His style represents the essence of psytrance in a lower bpms, a mix of groovy, psychedelic, serious and deep sounds with a melodic touch to connect with the higher state of trance. Aho Mitakuye Oyasin is a simple yet profound statement. It comes from the Lakota Nation and means all my relations. It is spoken during prayer and ceremony to invite and acknowledge all relatives to the moment. His First album “ Ancient Tribes “ was released in 2011 and his second album “ Los Abuelos “ was be released june 2017, both by Antu Records.

He already played in some international Festivals as: The Experience (Thailand), Flow Festival (Austria), Respect Festival (Brazil), Gentenkaiki (Japan), Zelebra (Mexico), Wonderland (Germany), among other. Take the force, uplifting the spirit and lets purified our soul through music.