7. 12. 2022

The future of UFO BUFO Festival

Dear friends. After much deliberation, our organizing team has decided to take a radical step – we are looking for a new location for our festival.

We will be glad to contact you for a suitable location that meets the following requirements:

  • Moravia, Silesia – within 150 km from Ostrava
  • telephone signal on site
  • 2 driveways or one wide enough (no need to shuttle traffic)
  • minimum 10-12 ha (100 000 m2 + )
  • water feature (river, stream, pond, lake)
  • more rugged and varied terrain: ideally meadow and forest
  • radius of at least 3 km without habitation
  • possibility of parking cars on the meadow or in a car park
  • a friendly and reasonable owner willing to cooperate and help each other to develop, with a positive attitude towards alternative culture
  • the possibility of building festival elements over several years without the need for demolition (stages, columns, bridges)
  • in the absence of basic facilities – toilets, showers… the possibility of cooperation in building them

Bonuses that will be appreciated:

  • a source of drinking water for visitors as well
  • accommodation facilities

If you have a tip on a location / owner of a suitable place, please email us at areal@ufobufo.eu ideally with a link to a map and a phone number for the owner. We consider not only renting, but also possiblility of a purchase!

Thank you very much.

PS: already many have asked about pre-sales for the 2023 edition. From the above, the venue is uncertain. We are not burying the UFO BUFO festival, but we would like to realize it under diametrically different conditions than we got into at Hadinka.